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Yoga for Cancer Foundation: Classes For Cancer Patients Daily Nationally  
Yoga Medical Systems
Yoga Program for DCIS - Ductal Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for IDC - Invasive Ductal (Live)
Yoga Program for Tubular Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Medullar Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Mucinous Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Papillary Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Cribriform Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Yoga Program for Inflamatory Breast Carcinoma
Yoga Program for LCIS
Yoga Program for Paget's Disease
Yoga Program for Phyllodes Tumors
Yoga  Program for Recurrent Breast Carcinoma

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yoga school, your teacher, and set your consultation. We provide therapy in over 700 cities, at over 700 studios. 

National Provider of Yoga for Cancer Patients


The program membership for teachers comes with a designer tee and a wristband, a daily article, yoga for cancer foundation forum membership, and of course the subscription can include a personalized yoga program if you are being treated for cancer.

Read about our daily article section, for teachers and students.

We offer our support throughout the entire breast cancer experience, to the cancer patient, your family members of any age, and your close friends. Welcome!
501 C3 Mutual Benefit Foundation
Neb. Rev. Stat. 21-323.01 and 21-20,160

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Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Consultation:

As the founder of the Yoga for Cancer Foundation, your teacher, and www.yogaforbreastcancer.com, I act as a conduit to help you heal. You will have an immediate new feeling and your physical body will experience some sense healing immediately. Within the body, you will have an immediate biochemical response.

Let's start with the basics. The cell nucleus'  membrane has been permeated or breached we'll say. Yoga will rebuild your body from atom by atom and provide a core nucleus that's healthy. We then align a new circuit drawn or re-wired by the yoga class symmetry or positioning of postures and load those cells with freshly oxygenated blood. Basically, we're going to rebuild your immune system. The resistance starts here!

Don't worry. We'll protect you from here, or give you the tools. But listen!

Yoga therapeutic Protocol: We'll track with you. It's important for us to know exactly what medical protocol you're experiencing. My intention is to help you destroy your cancer and help you heal, and alleviate symptoms. Yoga for Cancer Foundation systems implies meditation, breathing, and yoga systems. We gather a necessary ammount of information from you from the consultation that sets up your yoga program. The consultation also is healing.

Dreams and Hopes Section: Also, you're a rock star, a painter, a super athlete, a dancer, a videographer, and singer, a poet. So have fun. For that brief moment, in class you'll see a dream that you want that you can do. If you dream it; you can do it. And your supposed to. Part of the program requires 1 hour per day of doing something that you want to do.

Physical stuff in laymens terms: We'll tone your system from the top down. So don't worry about not getting a physical benefit. Believe you'll feel one.

As a teacher; my job is to help you where you are in your experience or medical protocol, and to support you, immediately. With our systems, you will sustain body mass, bone density and will begin to rebuild. With one conversation you will be redirected to a place of immediate healing.

For Breast Cancer Patients and those in recovery

If you're experiencing trauma, pain, and in need of immediate assistance:

Please give us a call and we'll offer our immediate yoga care therapuetic services, that ensure immediate improvement
on your mood, pain if you're having any, and system function. The consultation costs $500.00 and includes 2 months
of yoga.

Yoga for Breast Cancer: For Patients


First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
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Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
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Please let us know
what type of cancer
you have, and the type
of protocol you're
being treated with,
and a brief description
of your symptoms. We'll response
with a comprehensive
questionaire. Thank you.

Breast Cancer Consultation sets up your everyday yoga program:

The benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients during breast cancer theraputic protocol are this:


The founder of the Yoga for Cancer Foundation, your teacher, and www.yogaforbreastcancer.com, I act as a conduit to help you heal. You will have an immediate new feeling and your physical body will experience some sense healing immediately. Within the body, you will have an immediate biochemical response.

Yoga has mind body benefits: Your mind has been breached, also. There's a mind body connection. You're probably afraid. During class: You'll feel we disconnect your mental inner speech; which has ingrained a system of defeat. You'll be able to see speech that has a negative affect on you. Energetic Field: You'll feel an energetic field push degenerative or negative speech away from you.

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