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Yoga for Cancer Foundation: Classes For Cancer Patients Daily Nationally  
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Yoga Program for DCIS - Ductal Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for IDC - Invasive Ductal (Live)
Yoga Program for Tubular Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Medullar Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Mucinous Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Papillary Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Cribriform Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Yoga Program for Inflamatory Breast Carcinoma
Yoga Program for LCIS
Yoga Program for Paget's Disease
Yoga Program for Phyllodes Tumors
Yoga  Program for Recurrent Breast Carcinoma

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yoga school, your teacher, and set your consultation. We provide therapy in over 700 cities, at over 700 studios. 

National Provider of Yoga for Cancer Patients


The program membership for teachers comes with a designer tee and a wristband, a daily article, yoga for cancer foundation forum membership, and of course the subscription can include a personalized yoga program if you are being treated for cancer.

Read about our daily article section, for teachers and students.

We offer our support throughout the entire breast cancer experience, to the cancer patient, your family members of any age, and your close friends. Welcome!
501 C3 Mutual Benefit Foundation
Neb. Rev. Stat. 21-323.01 and 21-20,160

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Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time
10/02/13 Cedar Rapids
10/03/13 Cedar Rapids


The Yoga for Cancer Foundation is offering a seminar January 15 in Boulder, CO on the date of______.  The seminar is designed for yoga teachers, cancer patients, and yoga enthusiastists. We'de like you to prepare for your breast cancer recovery, and if you're a teacher for your informative program that prepares your study. The lecture and seminar come with a posture manuel for each of the following categories of breast cancer.  So, we'll have you fill out a form that describes what type of breast cancer you have so we can better prepare your manual. All manuals have been designed since 2004, and come from the teachings of Gururaj Bhishnu Ghosh, Mr. Bikram Choudhury, Dr. Michael Marshall, Rajashree Choudhury, Jim and Emma Kallett, Rebecca Rosen, Alexis Gaki (Bikram Yoga Honolulu)Joey Biache, and Drew. The manual or class manual includes an information packet that has your designed class, included in the manual is this; a thorough explanation of each posture, its' timing, and position( how to hold the posture properly, according to Bikram Yoga and Ghosh Yoga, and Iyengar Yoga.  For acute symptoms and posture re-alignment modifications are comparable to holds and timing of Iyengar and Danny Dworkis ( Bikram Yoga Vancouver.)

Symptoms: We go through each symtom and describe how to work with the cancer patient. We go through how to treat each symptom of breast cancer. Also, if you have breast cancer please fill out our form that defines what type of breast cancer you have so that we may offer you our schedule.

Seminar describes: what each type of breast cancer is; how to treat it with yoga; We treat breast cancer with yoga by offerring perfected scripted postures held and taught to perfection. Modifications:  Modifications= postures that are built to withstand any attack from disease and are built to take the client the cancer patient to their maximum mobility after surgery re-inforce ligaments tendons muscle and brake up scar tissue.

Timing: The seminar is 3 days long and begins Friday at 6 and goes to 9, 12-4, sunday 12-4.
Please email for Iterarary:

We at the yoga for cancer foundation and  www.yogaforbreastcancer.com, act as a conduit to help you heal. Usually, the yogi/practitioner will experience an immediate new well/source of energy by practicing, and the physical body will experience some sense of healing, immediately. 120 days of yoga program: We offer a 120 day consecutive yoga program. Immediate Relief, Real Time, Not a Day Off . Each program has been designed and to deal with the acute trauma of breast cancer.

Yoga for Cancer Foundation Programs, most of the time; cause red and white blood cell increases, help wounds heal more quickly, supports bone density, and can heal other symptoms.  The importance of early diagnosis is key. However; you can still fully recover at any stage of the cancer protocol and at any diagnosis. Offerings included in the program: constant hatha yoga programs, daily class, body resistance, and dietary tips.  Symptoms: How to treat Symptoms

Importance: The most important part of the program is to listen to the instruction of the class and do the class exactly as it's instructed. The timing is set to a traditional hatha yoga time created by Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram Choudhury. The postures are done to their timing. Modification are created by Drew, Founder, Danny Dworkis: The Yoga for Cancer Foundation, and a group of tenured yoga teachers and medical practitioners. Lecture was developed over the last ten years by Drew M Peterson with Joey Biache. Reference List Click Here

So, as long as you do the class; you receive the benefit. But, again, the class has to be completed; according to perfect timing, full length, and procedure. Yoga therapuetic protocol also helps skin lesions or open wounds that aren't healing help re-enliven nerve problems; sooths pains, helps with post traumatic stresses, and many more symptoms; and offers a therapy for a person who experiences many symptoms. 

Day 1:
Definition and how to treat stage 1 Breast Cancer
Definition and how to treat Stage 2 Breast Cancer
Definition and how to treat Stage 3 Breast Cancer
Definition and how to treat Stage 4: Breast Cancer

So we explain how to work with cancer patients throughout the entire breast cancer protocol. This means if a person has just had surgery; how to work with them.. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 top 10 reasons to attend the seminar:
                             1. willingness to learn yoga or a new practice
2. need stress relief
3. interested in me
4. buy something
5. dont rest now
6. sink your teeth deep into a new practice you
7. watch the rocumentary
8. manuels


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