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Yoga for Cancer Foundation: Classes For Cancer Patients Daily Nationally  
Yoga Medical Systems
Yoga Program for DCIS - Ductal Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for IDC - Invasive Ductal (Live)
Yoga Program for Tubular Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Medullar Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Mucinous Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Papillary Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Cribriform Carcinoma (Live)
Yoga Program for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Yoga Program for Inflamatory Breast Carcinoma
Yoga Program for LCIS
Yoga Program for Paget's Disease
Yoga Program for Phyllodes Tumors
Yoga  Program for Recurrent Breast Carcinoma

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National Provider of Yoga for Cancer Patients


The program membership for teachers comes with a designer tee and a wristband, a daily article, yoga for cancer foundation forum membership, and of course the subscription can include a personalized yoga program if you are being treated for cancer.

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We offer our support throughout the entire breast cancer experience, to the cancer patient, your family members of any age, and your close friends. Welcome!
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Neb. Rev. Stat. 21-323.01 and 21-20,160

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Your Teachers

San Francisco Yoga for Cancer Foundation

Atosa Babaoff Satori Yoga Instructor

Atosa Babaoff

Atosa Babaoff is extremely grateful for coming upon this yogic path as an eternal student and enthusiastic teacher. She trained with the Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in 2008 and has been teaching non-stop since graduating. She aims to teach a grounding, nurturing and inspiring class that ties in elements of breath work, yogic philosophy with a sweet and heart opening vinyasa flow.

Anne Barbaret

Anne Barbaret

A transplant from France, Anne Barbaret made the San Francisco Bay Area her home in 1995. She received her teaching certification from the Iyengar Institute of San Francisco, the oldest Iyengar teacher-training program in the United States. Anne regularly attends workshops with senior teachers locally, and has studied in India with the Iyengar family.

May Mei Chong

May Mei Chong

May Mei is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and an avid student of Iyengar Yoga. She enjoys teaching Hatha Yoga classes as taught to her by her Iyengar Yoga teachers. Yoga has been a wonderful tool of balance for her when she worked in the high tech industry for almost a decade and half. In her teaching, she promotes the fundamentals of yoga poses and its benefits through the correct alignment of each pose. She believes that her students […]

Chris Fong Satori Yoga Instructor

Chris Fong

Christopher Fong was born and raised here in San Francisco, California. He studied martial arts, gymnastics, sports and skateboarding as a kid and always loved to be physically active. Christopher first learned of Yoga and some of it’s meanings and practices in college. After some time and curious exploration, many of the perceptions and stigmas he once had about Yoga were slowly transformed into a deep respect for this amazing culture. Christopher since then has gained an interest and desire […]

Monique Haan Satori Yoga Instructor

Monique Haan

Monique has been practicing yoga for 10 years, and was inspired to teach as she discovered the inner peace that yoga can bring, and how this practice directly translates to how we approach our lives and relationships off the mat. Monique continues to find inspiration as the beauty of yoga unfolds in her own life, and is grateful to have the opportunity to share the gift of yoga with others. Monique teaches a blend of Hatha and Yin yoga, focused […]

Sammie Host Satori Yoga Instructor

Sammie Host

Sammie has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and received her Hatha Vinyasa certification from the Yoga Tree Teacher Training Program in San Francisco. She was born and raised in Java, Indonesia, where her first introduction to yoga came at the age of seven as she watched her aunt teach Hatha Yoga. After coming to California, Sammie developed a passion for yoga. She has practiced and studied with many Bay Area instructors such as Gretchen Mehlhoff, Jamie Lindsay, and […]

Magi Khoo yoga instructor Satori

Magi Khoo

Magi was doing poses such as urdhva dhanurasana, sarvangasana and runner’s lunge as a teen growing up in Malaysia on the track & field team. Then she discovered the wider breath of asanas at the USF gym while getting her M.A. in Education back in 2002 as a way of balancing school with a hectic corporate life.  It wasn’t until she attended classes at proper yoga studios around San Francisco that she started delving into the depth of what yoga […]

Melinda Kausek

Melinda Kausek

In a nutshell, Melinda both practices and teaches Pilates because it feels good. It was love at first class, when she left her City College “Dance Conditioning” class feeling longer, lighter, and stronger than she thought possible in a single hour. After a semester of studying both the exercises and a bit of the theory and anatomy behind it all, her teacher encouraged her to pursue her certification. Two years later she had completed the Pilates Academy International Certification program on all […]

Dastan Khosraw

All my life I thought I was doing alright. In 2010 I was in an accident that put me in coma for seven days. I crashed my skull and broke my collarbone and a few ribs. After seven days in coma and being pronounced dead three times- for over 60 seconds, I faced the biggest challenge of my life: accept the fact that I needed the skull surgery and the rest of my bones to be tubed or self rehabilitation. […]

Brett Larkin Satori Yoga Instructor

Brett Larkin

Brett has over fifteen years of ballet and modern dance training and is certified yoga teacher under Alan Finger (founder of YogaWorks and ISHTA Yoga). Brett teaches her own unique blend of meditation and vinyasa yoga at studios in San Francisco, companies like Google, as well as online through her YouTube channel, where thousands of students have taken her classes for over 1.5 million minutes. Her classes have been described as “serene and strong” and “challenging yet placating” at the […]

Adrienne Klein

Adrienne Klein

Adrienne is an Intermediate Junior I Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor. She was introduced to Iyengar Yoga at UC Santa Cruz and instantly loved how the poses brought stability, a state of being she didn’t know she was in search of. She was re-introduced to Iyengar Yoga when she began working in San Francisco and was supremely fortunate to fall into classes with Manouso Manos, with whom she has studied since 1992. Adrienne’s practice is a source of creativity and gives […]

Stephanie Lucero Satori Yoga Instructor

Stephanie Lucero

Stephanie came across yoga after enduring several knee injuries from playing vigorous sports and being a collegiate athlete. Stephanie immediately found that yoga was able to give her the balance that she needed in her life. She felt more calm and present with herself. She knew that she wanted to share yoga with others. You can find in her class fun and intricate flows guided through breath. Her influence is from a mix of styles of yoga including vinyasa, hatha, […]

Harsha Madatanapalli

Harsha Madatanapalli

Student and teacher of Raj Yoga Meditation since 2005, regularly conducts Meditation workshops and retreats on “Practical Positive Thinking”, “Meditation for Busy People” and “Inner Peace and Inner Power” for different levels of meditation practitioners at Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in San Francisco and the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Marin County, CA. Harsha advocates importance of slowing down, relaxing, refocusing and enriching life by “BEING” before “DOING”.


Rebecca Rogers

Rebecca teaches Vinyasa (flow yoga) classes that are often described as strong, fun, and inspirational. She believes in the power of yoga to awaken each of us to a greater sense of purpose and intentional living, and to unite the yoga community around sustainability and social justice. Rebecca’s classes are intended to build strength, body awareness and flexibility through an integration of breathwork, creative sequencing and precise alignment. Classes are safe for newer students and challenging for more experienced yogis, […]

Raquel Scalon Satori Yoga Instructor

Raquel Scalon

Raquel Scalon, a certified Relax and Renew® yoga instructor, specializes in soothing restorative and therapeutic yoga. It was through the practice of Restorative Yoga that she first experienced deep relaxation and true inner quietness. She believes more inward and nurturing practices are a must in order to bring balance to our hectic lives. Expect to move slowly and mindfully, to connect with your breath and chill. This is extreme self-care at it’s best. www.raquelsfyoga.com

Allie Stark

Allie Stark

The yolk of yoga is woven into the veins of Allie’s being. She approaches both her practice and teachings as a tangible connection to the body, and an avenue for nurturing, transformation, and creativity. Allie began practicing at the age of 14, and became certified to teach as she graduated from High School. Over the past five years her teaching has evolved with a playful presence to acknowledge and respect one’s own being. Her Anusara inspired Vinyasa classes combine not […]


Amy Swart

Amy Swart learned to teach yoga under the guidance of Swami Santhi Santhisprasad at School of Santhi in India in 2008. Her teaching style integrates the stimulating, creative, and meditative elements of Kundalini Yoga; strength and flexibility of Hatha Yoga; and the mindful introspection and listening of Yin Yoga. She also teaches Pre-Natal Yoga and received her training from Gurmukh in the Khalsa Way at the Golden Bridge studio in L.A. Alongside her passion for yoga, Amy also practices psychotherapy […]

Megan Windeler

Megan Windeler

Megan’s practice and teaching is rooted in the heartfelt belief that yoga is simply a good thing. Her practice began by accident nearly twenty years ago during the deep dark freeze of a Chicago winter. After stumbling blindly into an Iyengar yoga class in hopes of eluding the freeze, it was revealed to her that ‘living is much easier if you breathe whilst doing it.’ Over a decade and half later she is still trying to figure that one out, […]

Jennifer Zlaket

Jennifer Zlaket

Jennifer Zlaket is a Certified Transformation and Holistic Health Coach, and a Level 1 Integrative Restoration Meditation Teacher-in-Training. She is passionate about serving women and men who want a deeper connection to their true selves so that they can show up in honest, harmonious, and loving relationships. Jennifer is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of San Diego, and has 18 years of education, counseling and coaching experience. […]

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